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Nestled between 840 to 2432 metres in altitude, Abondance has a very varied natural setting. From the village you will discover Chablais’s treasures, a UNESCO registered Geopark.

  • Lac des Plagnes

    Plagnes Lake

    A natural site to top up your batteries and benefit fully from all the outdoor activities.

    At an altitude of 1190m, the Plagnes Lake is a natural site classified as a Unesco Geopark. This beautiful lake covers 6 hectares and is dominated by the Mont de Grange Massif (2432m), a Natura 2000 nature reserve.

    In winter, the Nordic area at  Plagnes Lake offers a multitude of activities: starting points for guided snowshoe and ski touring excursions, dog sledding and ski joëring initiation, and when conditions allow, a unique activity: ice skating on the frozen lake.

    For Nordic skiing enthusiasts there is a Nordic skiing and classic cross-country skiing 5km loop open for free use.


    Accessible by car from the centre of Abondance village (5km) by taking the road towards Charmy l’Adroit. There is a car park near the lake. Picnic tables, and an on-site restaurant is open during the school holidays. It is a good idea to check with the Tourist Office before going to the lake.

  • Paysage-montagne-4-Manu-soppet

    The Chablais Geopark

    The region has rich geological history with many glaciers that have transformed over the millennia, and shaped the landscape and life.

    This heritage has enabled Chablais to be recognized as a UNESCO Geopark.

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