Wild and Unspoilt with Unique Panoramas

The Abondance Valley is ideal for snowshoeing. Combining freedom, accessibility and well-being, snowshoeing is the perfect antidote for the growing desire to be in close connection with nature.

Guided Excursions

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    An excursion guided by a professional is also an excellent opportunity to be taken off to more hidden areas yet in safe hands. The Bureau desGuides et Accompagnateurs en Montagne de la Vallée d’Abondance, or the ESF Abondance, offer themed snowshoe excursions throughout the winter. The main aim is to enjoy walking in an immaculate backdrop and learning about the fauna, flora, history or heritage.

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Our Selection of Snowshoeing Excursions

Those who enjoy snowshoeing will be fulfilled to their heart’s content in Abondance. For families to discover this activity there are 5 signposted circuits where you will discover the beautiful panoramas at the heart of totally unspoilt nature. The Pays d’Evian-Vallée d’Abondance and Morgins resorts have almost 100km of signposted itineraries to discover the mountainous winter landscape.

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